High Performance Computing Solutions for Demanding Applications

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High-Performance FPGA Solutions for Demanding Applications

At New Wave Design, we specialize in delivering precise, tailored solutions for mission-critical applications. As a high-performance FPGA computing company, our team comprises industry experts in FPGA coprocessing, high-speed serial interface hardware, IP cores, and SOSA aligned/openVPX system-level products designed for embedded and test systems. In addition to our comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products, we offer expert hardware design services.

When it comes to your application requirements, we understand that there is absolutely no room for error. That’s why our dedicated experts work closely with you to identify and deploy the optimal solution, ensuring your success in even the most demanding scenarios.


Case Studies

Discover the transformative power of our solutions through real-world case studies. Learn how our tailored solutions eliminated inefficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced product quality for a global manufacturing company. Or explore where New Wave Design provided unwavering commitment and technical expertise that revolutionized the development of hardware for a Tier 1 airborne mission systems supplier. Delve into these remarkable success stories and uncover the impact we can make on your test or embedded projects.


Rising to the Challenge to Serve Demanding Needs

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At New Wave Design, we specialize in tackling the exceptionally difficult problems faced by the Military, Aerospace, and similar markets, delivering innovative hardware and software solutions that meet the most demanding technical and environmental requirements. Our team’s blend of humble competence, technical mastery, and unwavering dedication to customer success empowers us to develop inspired, technically elegant solutions that not only meet your requirements, but exceed your expectations.


Our Services

New Wave Design specializes in custom hardware design services, offering tailored solutions for unique performance requirements. With expertise in board design including architecture, schematic capture, PCB layout and test as well as VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog, our team collaborates closely with clients to deliver accurate, timely, and budget-friendly designs, while ensuring thorough verification and testing for FPGA and ASIC projects.

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