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New Wave Design and Verification, LLC is proud of our commitment to only work with aerospace and defense organizations located in the United States and in countries that are recognized allies of the US.

New Wave Design is pleased with our current partnerships across the globe and will continue to work and grow in markets of allied countries outside of the United States. We are proud of the sophistication of the technology in our hardware as well as our Ethernet, Fibre Channel, 1394b, ARINC-818, and sFPDP products and want to ensure our existing client base knows we’re only interested in partnering with allies of the US.

We have positioned ourselves as a company that holds itself to a high standard. This includes the responsibility to only distribute our high-speed hardware and protocol technology to system integrators within the US or its allied countries. Additionally, we stand firm in our commitment to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), secure information processing standards and other necessary good practices.

The aerospace and defense electronics industry has helped push innovation forward with embedded and test/measurement technology. With the uncertainty around state-owned enterprises in non-allied countries, we are choosing to not work with these organizations.

As the only US-based Mil1394 (1394b-AS5643) vendor of standard form factor board products, IP, and test equipment, we are excited for our future growth and contributions in aerospace, defense, and other industries.

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