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New Wave Design excels in delivering hardware, FPGA/ASIC, software, and systems design in the Mil/Aero/Defense market, providing expertise to meet project deadlines, reduce risk, and lower program costs. Whether leveraging existing products or building from scratch, we analyze requirements, utilize existing resources, and ultimately deliver YOUR solution.

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Engagement Models

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 1. Client Requirement Review

2. Leverage existing resources and solutions (when possible)

3. Additional development (when needed)


This approach keeps non-recurring engineering efforts to a minimum and reduces schedule for delivery.

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 1. Client Requirement Review

 2. New development of client’s desired solution, including hardware, firmware, and software


In this approach, New Wave Design manages the project from concept to delivery, giving regular updates and providing opportunities for feedback from the Client.

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Staff Augmentation


1. Client Requirement Review

 2. Engineering resources from NWD are allocated to perform work as directed and prioritized by the Client.

This approach is perfect for scenarios where high-quality engineering expertise is needed to solve program challenges.

Services We Offer

At New Wave Design, we stand at the forefront of high-end FPGA/SoC design, consistently updating our expertise with the latest devices from AMD®, Intel® and Microchip®. We seamlessly integrate advanced and legacy technologies into our designs including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, sFPDP, ARINC 818, PCIe, Serial RapidIO®, DDR, JESD204, embedded ARM®, and other interface protocols. Our engineers excel in the latest toolchains including Vitis, Vivado, Quartus®, Libero®, Questa, HLS, and more, and demonstrate proficiency in Verilog, SystemVerilog, and VHDL.

*Options provided to leverage a combination of New Wave Design existing products and new development to align with your technical, schedule and budget needs.

We specialize in the creation of rugged, highly reliable circuit cards with extensive experience in multi-layer boards demanding high-density interconnects. Our designs often encompass large, high-end FPGA/SoCs, network controllers, DDR, sophisticated power architectures, and optical modules. We are adept in high-speed designs that necessitate signal integrity analysis including 100G Ethernet and PCIe Gen5. In addition, many of our board designs are required to meet stringent environmental requirements.

*Options provided to leverage a combination of New Wave Design existing products and new development to align with your technical, schedule and budget needs.

The New Wave Design team excels at designs utilizing multi-gigabit transceivers, including real-world experience with 25G SERDES and beyond. Our expertise spans PHY, MAC, and upper-level protocol stack development targeting a variety of network interfaces. We ensure efficient network data transfer to host processors through various DMA architectures over PCI Express, offering comprehensive design solutions and creating environments to provide your RTL application network access.

*Options provided to leverage a combination of New Wave Design existing products and new development to align with your technical, schedule and budget needs.

As a trusted NI® (National Instruments®) Alliance Partner, we focus on LabVIEW FPGA development within the NI® ecosystem. Our experts excel in high-speed serial design within LabVIEW FPGA, offering VI- and API-based development for command and control of your instrument. We can integrate internal or third-party high-speed serial IP for your LabVIEW-based Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

We bring a wealth of experience in developing software drivers for a wide spectrum of network devices. Our expertise spans various PCIe device drivers in both kernel and user spaces, coupled with efficient DMA architectures. Additionally, we excel in embedded SoC OS and driver development, offering support for operating systems like Linux®, Windows®, and Real-Time Operating Systems including Green Hills® INTEGRITY® and Wind River VxWorks®.

Our team possesses extensive experience in heterogenous computing, high-speed backplanes, sensor interfaces, optical and electrical networks, and VPX and MOSA (Modular Open System Approach) designs. We adeptly handle requirements capture, requirements derivation, and system element allocation, ensuring each aspect of systems architecture is meticulously addressed.


Network Interface Design

New Wave Design has a long history and deep expertise in developing FPGA-based hardware, firmware, and software to deploy high-bandwidth and ultra-low latency sensor, storage, communication, and network interfaces. The interfaces typically reside within a data processor element (for example, the processor receiving sensor data) or within the data generator (for example, the sensor transmitting data to receivers).

These data systems often have multiple high-speed data ports, feature network stack offload and/or data pre-processing, data aggregation/arrangement, security algorithm enforcement, and have high-bandwidth processor chip interfaces such as PCIe, SRIO, or Ethernet to CPUs/GPUs within the system. Typical system applications include mission computers, radar systems, electronic warfare units, signal intelligence devices, EO/IR sensor systems, and video processors.


Protocol Bridges

In the Aerospace and Defense industry, long platform life spans are the norm. When systems are being upgraded or enhanced, new equipment may need to connect to legacy interfaces to maintain system compatibility. Often, new COTS equipment may not have the required native interfaces to connect directly to the platform. FPGA-based protocol bridges are an ideal solution for this scenario. The protocol bridges allow new and legacy protocols to be bridged together in a transparent high-bandwidth and low-latency fashion. These FPGA bridge implementations allow for new COTS equipment to be used on existing platforms while requiring no changes to the existing equipment on that platform. New Wave Design has delivered many of these types of devices, including but not limited to bridges for Fibre Channel to Ethernet, HSDB to Ethernet, ARINC-818 to Ethernet, ARINC-818 to HDMI, and others.

Multi-Level Secure Networking

New Wave Design has the expertise to implement the required network security features and capabilities that are critical to Aerospace and Defense systems. These security functions are targeted at preventing and detecting intrusions from unauthorized external systems. Additionally, they enforce data segregation between multiple valid authorized systems operating on different operational levels. New Wave Design primarily implements these features in FPGA-based network applications where features such as packet inspection, filtering, labeling, segregating, and modification can take place in line with the traffic flow without latency or throughput implications.


Interface Test Instrumentation

A key focus at New Wave Design is the ability to deliver test equipment to support system interface design, test, and validation. This test equipment is used in design validation, system integration, simulators, emulators, production tests, and maintenance equipment. Test equipment from New Wave Design has been developed in standard form factors such as PCIe and PXIe, as well as customer-specified custom form factors. New Wave Design test equipment supports standard interfaces such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and 1394b, but custom proprietary interfaces can also be developed. Additionally, New Wave Design firmware and software developed for test equipment has features for validating key metrics such as bandwidth and latency as well as testing the robustness of a design via error and protocol-anomaly injection.

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