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Marti Nyman

President & Chief Executive Officer

Marti Nyman is a visionary President/CEO with a proven track record of driving organizational growth and fostering vibrant, high-performing company cultures. Leveraging his strong background in strategic leadership and deep industry expertise, Marti excels at guiding talented teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences, exceed business goals, and fulfill the ambitious vision of the organization.

Throughout his career, Marti has demonstrated an exceptional ability to develop innovative strategies that navigate complex business landscapes and drive sustained, profitable growth. Whether spearheading new ventures or orchestrating impactful strategic alliances, he thrives on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With extensive experience across diverse industries and a global perspective gained from working in international markets, Marti brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge and expertise to his role leading the New Wave Design organization.

Marti’s areas of specialization include visionary executive leadership, high-impact team development, strategic planning, and growth initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and new product development. His sector experience spans a wide range of dynamic industries, including industrial technology, telecommunications, energy, consumer retail, and professional services. Known for his exceptional ability to inspire and empower those around him, Marti is deeply committed to making a lasting, positive impact on his colleagues and the customers they serve.

Marti Nyman New Wave Design

Ryan Jansen

CTO/Chief Architect

Ryan Jansen is a dynamic and forward-thinking CTO with an ability to navigate complex problems. He has a passion for technology and thrives on empowering teams to exceed expectations and achieve ambitious goals.

Ryan joined New Wave in 2012 and has nearly 20 years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense Industry as both a technology leader and engineer. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a commitment to continuous learning, Ryan is passionate about driving innovation and shaping the future of the business. His unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with his ability to inspire others, makes him an asset to the company.

Ryan’s collaborative approach, combined with a focus on continuing technological innovation, sets him apart as a trusted advisor and influential leader in his field.

Ryan Jansen

Bryan Selby

Director of Engineering and Program Management

Bryan Selby joined New Wave in 2020, where he serves as Director of Engineering and Program Management. With 20+ years of experience driving top programs for technology companies in the semiconductor and aerospace and defense industries, Bryan focuses on optimizing operations and enhancing productivity across engineering and programs.

Integrating business best practices with deep technical expertise, Bryan develops teams that navigate practical challenges with precision and innovation. Together with his Executive Team peers, he delivers impactful results for organizations requiring reliable, mission-critical solutions.

Director of Engineering - Bryan Selby

Jake Braegelmann

Vice President of Business Development

Jake Braegelmann currently serves as the Vice President of Business Development at New Wave Design, where his blend of technical depth and customer-focused strategy has been instrumental in delivering innovative solutions to complex system challenges. New Wave provides high-performance heterogeneous computing modules supporting high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency interfaces in rugged environments.

Jake has been with the company since its inception in 2013 and has played a pivotal role in its growth, drawing on his extensive industry experience, including as an engineer within Lockheed Martin’s tactical airborne processor group. Holding a master’s degree in computer engineering with a specialization in embedded design, Jake’s 18-year career is marked by his commitment to advancing high performance embedded computing technology, guided by a deep understanding of customer needs and industry demands.

Jacob Braegelmann New Wave Design

Brian Sparby

Vice President of Operations

Brian Sparby is a dynamic Vice President of Operations with a passion for driving innovation and fostering growth in the technology sector. With a diverse background spanning over a decade, Brian has established himself as a strategic thinker and a catalyst for positive change.

Throughout his career, Brian has excelled in roles that require a combination of creativity, analytical prowess, and leadership acumen. His experience in the technology industry has provided him with a deep understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends, enabling him to identify opportunities and drive strategic initiatives that deliver tangible results.

As a leader, Brian is known for his ability to build and motivate high-performing teams. He believes in fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment, where every individual is encouraged to contribute their unique talents and ideas. By leveraging his strong communication skills and his passion for mentorship, Brian has successfully guided teams to achieve their full potential and exceed expectations leaving a lasting legacy.

Brian Sparby - VP of Operations headshot

Carrie Nicklow

Chief Financial Officer

As a seasoned financial executive specializing in organizational alignment and scalable growth, Carrie Nicklow, our Chief Financial Officer, brings a unique blend of expertise in process improvement and strategic implementation to the table. With a background as a CPA and Six Sigma Green Belt, Carrie excels at optimizing business systems to maximize efficiency and drive results.

Carrie’s passion lies in helping founders and visionaries unlock the full potential of their organizations by aligning their teams and implementing streamlined processes. With extensive experience in startups and a diverse industry background, Carrie understands the challenges and opportunities that come with growth and change.

Whether it’s developing strategic roadmaps, implementing scalable systems, or driving process improvements, Carrie thrives on helping businesses reach their full potential. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, Carrie is dedicated to helping businesses scale up and achieve sustainable growth.


Carrie Nicklow New Wave Design

Steve Swam

Director of Organizational Innovation

With over two decades of progressive leadership experience in research and development, Steve our Director of Organizational Innovation is an innovative professional dedicated to driving success through state-of-the-art technology and strategic vision. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of leading initiatives across various geographical locations within creative, industry-leading organizations.

Steve’s expertise lies in building and coaching winning teams, combining innovation with operational excellence to ensure full product life-cycle success. Steve brings a unique blend of skills in program management, execution, and leadership, allowing him to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Steve Swam New Wave Design

Darlene Weiss

Director of Human Resources

Darlene joined New Wave Design in February 2024.  As a forward-thinking Human Resources leader, she has worked with exceptional organizations spanning diverse industries, including Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Integra LifeSciences, Medtronic, Thomson West (now Thomson Reuters) and Donaldson. Throughout her career, she has steered organizations to ensure strategic alignment and delivery of impactful business results by cultivating inclusive cultures, driving change, and creating lasting impact both within the organizations and in the broader professional community.

Darlene has a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Design from Syracuse University.

Darlene Weiss - DHR

Josh Dirlam

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Josh Dirlam, co-founder and chairman of the advisory board, started New Wave Components in 2005. Through his leadership, New Wave Design & Verification was created in 2012. In 2023, Josh passed the reigns of CEO & President to Marti Nyman, but still assists with big-picture elements of the brand.

Josh Dirlam New Wave Design

Kaitlyn Schlinz

Executive Assistant

With a diverse background spanning over a decade, Kait, our Executive Assistant, has established herself as a strategic thinker and a catalyst for positive change.

Throughout her career, Kait has excelled in roles that require a combination of creativity, analytical prowess, and leadership acumen. Her experience in the technology industry has provided her with a deep understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends, enabling her to identify opportunities and drive strategic initiatives that deliver tangible results.

Kaitlyn Schlinz New Wave Design

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