Fighter Jet Aircraft Simulation Labs Case Study

Tier 1 Defense Contractor Aircraft Mission System Simulation Labs

Developing, testing, and integrating military aircraft equipment requires absolute performance and precision. Establishing and maintaining that performance is exactly what New Wave Design was able to accomplish with this Tier 1 Defense Contractor partnership while testing equipment in their tactical aircraft simulation labs. Working with this contractor, our team proved to be an invaluable asset by ensuring the complex equipment in the aircraft worked together seamlessly, confirming ultimate functionality in their tactical aircraft.

The Client

A Tier 1 Defense Contractor of the United States government reached out to New Wave Design with a need to ensure embedded hardware and software used in their tactical aircraft worked properly independently and with the other aircraft equipment before being installed in the actual aircraft. It was also critical that New Wave Design would be able to provide technical expertise for the long-term — an important factor in determining a partnership for many of our clients. After seeing several successful multi-year projects, this contractor understood that New Wave Design could provide the right support for years to come.

Developing new solutions for these tactical aircraft is a massive undertaking, with equipment being manufactured around the world. The equipment all has to come together and be integrated and tested rigorously prior to being fielded. New Wave Design provided solutions that allowed our customer to simulate/emulate various pieces of the aircraft accurately allowing for successful integration of equipment and quicked deployments of equipment.

The Requirements

Above all, this client needed a strong, competent team to work with. The client was aware that this was not going to be a straightforward project and needed a team of professional engineers who could respond to unexpected challenges with expertise.

Up against tough, qualified competition, the contractor ultimately picked New Wave Design because of the technical expertise our team displayed.

With the right team in place, the contractor needed off-the-shelf solutions compliant with the mission systems network of the aircraft in a form factor that could be used on commercial server hardware. When testing new developments with aircraft as critical as fighter jets, the contractor needed interface cards that would allow them to emulate the complex network of equipment onboard the aircraft. Because the contractor was waiting on several custom parts to be developed and manufactured, New Wave Design was able to provide off-the-shelf testing interfaces that would ensure software and hardware functionality.

The Solution

The contractor picked New Wave Design’s off-the-shelf solutions to help test the tactical aircraft mission system application, eliminating the need to spend extra on custom equipment. New Wave Design offered off-the-shelf high port density solutions to meet the needs of complex high-performance systems.

The Results

New Wave Design was able to provide the right products and right support to the high-speed serial interface of the tactical aircraft. Ultimately, the development of the aircraft hardware and  software was aided by the off-the-shelf solutions including V1141 and V1151 cards, and a programmable switch. These allowed for uninterrupted testing — all while allowing the client to save with solutions that were cost-efficient. New Wave proved to be a partner who could provide solutions that competitors simply couldn’t.

Need Help With Your Project?

At New Wave Design, we pride ourselves on our long-term partnerships with our clients. We have several clients that have worked with us for years — trusting our technical expertise for their most important projects. Our clients know that our team isn’t going anywhere, and we plan on accomplishing more with them for years to come.

No matter the project or the specifications, New Wave Design has the solutions to help. Do you have a situation similar to this mission systems simulation lab? Our team has the experience and versatility to find a way to successfully test and develop your interface solutions.

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