Minneapolis Company Driving Advancements in National Defense and Aerospace Electronics Announces Strategic Brand Evolution to Sharpen Focus on Innovation and Growth

[Eden Prairie, MN] — 4/10/2024 — With an eye towards the future and a dedication to innovation, New Wave Design and Verification, LLC proudly unveils a significant milestone in its corporate narrative: a strategic evolution of its brand identity under the DBA name, New Wave Design. This change not only signifies a refinement of the company’s brand but also a reaffirmation of its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the core mission and values that have guided its journey thus far.

Marti Nyman, President and CEO of New Wave Design, expressed enthusiasm for this new chapter, “With our transition to New Wave Design, we reaffirm our commitment to solving complex challenges with humility, competence, and technical mastery. This rebranding is more than a simplification of our name; it’s a recommitment to our foundational principles and to our valued partners, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.”

This evolution reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to streamline its offerings and focus more intently on delivering the innovative solutions its partners rely on, without altering the successful operational structure that has underpinned its collaborations. Importantly, this rebranding ensures operational structure that has supported successful collaboration to date.

This strategic brand evolution marks a significant step in the company’s journey, yet the essence of its relationship with partners and stakeholders remains the same. New Wave Design is committed to the success and principles that have always defined these relationships, guided by technical mastery, a customer-centered approach, and adaptive teamwork.

New Wave Design thanks its partners and stakeholders for their continued support and looks forward to achieving remarkable things together in this next chapter of its journey.


About New Wave Design

New Wave Design, a leader in intelligent computing solutions for the Military and Aerospace industries, has been advancing technology with its cutting-edge computing and networking solutions for over a decade. Our unparalleled engineering expertise and dedication to innovation enable us to address the dynamic challenges facing today’s and tomorrow’s warfighters. With a rich portfolio of programmable network interface hardware, FPGA IP cores, and system-level products, we support critical protocols including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and more, tailored for embedded and test systems. Our reputation for excellence is driven by our team’s passion, skill, and the consistent high satisfaction of our customers with both our solutions and comprehensive support. Discover how our dedication to future-ready solutions can meet your demanding requirements.


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