New Wave DV Releases Two New SOSA Aligned 3U VPX ACAP (FPGA) Modules

Minneapolis, MN – Jan 23, 2023 – New Wave Design and Verification (New Wave DV), a leading supplier of rugged FPGA modules and high-speed interfaces, is proud to announce the addition of SOSA aligned 3U VPX solutions to its product line. The new V6061 and V6063 VPX modules feature Xilinx® Versal® Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) Prime and AI options, NVIDIA® (Mellanox®) network interface devices, and high-bandwidth optical IO options, providing system developers the cutting-edge technology required for high-bandwidth processing in critical environments.

“The V6061/V6063 are specifically targeted at applications requiring a combination of high-speed data interfaces, heterogeneous (ACAP) processing resources, network protocol offloads, and optional data distribution to adjacent processing resources such as CPUs and GPUs in the system,” stated Jake Braegelmann VP of Business Development.

Use cases for the V6061/V6063 include sensor interfacing, data processing, data distribution, and FPGA coprocessing. These modules will benefit radar, signal intelligence, electronic warfare, video, storage, medical imaging, and embedded communications systems.

“These heterogeneous computing cards combine hard ARM processor cores, large FPGA fabric, high-bandwidth network interface controllers, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities. These offerings are a great fit for high-performance computing in a rugged form factor, meeting the stringent durability standard of VITA 47.3. The V6061/V6063 are also designed, manufactured, and tested in the US,” stated Jake Braegelmann VP of Business Development.

Reach out to New Wave DV with any questions or to start a discussion on these or other modules. New Wave DV will also be at many industry events this year ( and looks forward to meeting in person.


About New Wave Design and Verification

The New Wave DV team is made up of passionate professionals who have extensive skill designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems for aerospace and defense systems. New Wave DV is focused on high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency, FPGA processing and specialized networking applications. The company upholds its reputation for industry-leading products and services through persistent dedication backed by decades of experience.

New Wave DV provides programmable network interface hardware, FPGA IP cores, and system-level products for high-speed serial interfaces used in embedded and test systems. Protocols supported include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, 1394b AS5643, sFPDP, ARINC-818, HSDB, and custom protocols. For more information about New Wave DV and its products and services, call 952-224-9201 or visit


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