Aircraft Ground Support Test Equipment

Aircraft Ground Support Test Equipment

Aircraft ground support equipment capable of quickly and reliably troubleshooting and resolving network communication issues is essential to keeping aircraft mission-ready. New Wave Design is proud to provide just that for our partners in the aerospace and defense industries.

Our team of technical experts is continuously researching and developing methods and solutions to revolutionize aircraft ground test equipment in ways that help solve connectivity issues faster while keeping our products simple and easy to use. Certified to meet customer electromagnetic compatibility and environmental requirements, our aerospace ground support equipment ensures reliable troubleshooting to keep aircraft at peak performance.

Aircraft Ground Test Equipment Designed for Ruggedness & Ease of Use

Our ground support equipment is built to endure the challenging environments of ship decks with strong radiated emissions, salt and high humidity, to airbases in the scorching deserts or the frigid temperatures of the arctic.

The iRepeater Handheld Test Module (FW-IRB400-SK) was designed with maintenance crews in mind, delivering a handheld device with simple LED indicators for ease of troubleshooting. We aren’t just stopping with the capabilities of the iRepeater. We continually work with our customers to design aircraft ground test equipment capable of better isolating the source of faults and directing the user where to focus their repair and maintenance efforts. This type of innovation is revolutionizing the aircraft testing equipment industry by giving our clients a closer, faster look at their aircrafts’ networks, thus minimizing costly time spent troubleshooting and resolving network connectivity issues.

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Revolutionizing Aircraft Ground Test Equipment With Innovative, Intuitive Technology

Military and aerospace aircrafts need to be ready at a moment’s notice, so simplifying the complicated debug process is essential. We are dedicated to the development of groundbreaking support equipment to provide our clients the most reliable diagnostics in rugged and easy-to-use solutions. Here are a few reasons why our clients rely on our aircraft ground test equipment:

  • Device Simplicity: Designed with the maintenance crew in mind, our support equipment is designed to simply present test result information gathered by our sophisticated processing technology.
  • Environmental Ruggedness: To become certified Support Equipment, the tester must meet all the customer environmental requirements. New Wave Design is experienced with creating products, testing to, and complying with MIL environmental standards, such as MIL-STD-810.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: To become certified Support Equipment, the tester must meet all the customer electromagnetic compatibility requirements. New Wave Design is experienced with creating products, testing to, and complying with MIL-STD-461 and 1686, and other electromagnetic compatibility standards.
  • Support Equipment Footprint: The size and weight of the support equipment are very important parameters, especially in limited-footprint environments such as aircraft carriers. New Wave Design is experienced in creating innovative designs with optimized footprint while meeting all the customer requirements.

Need help finding the right solution?

New Wave Design is always happy to customize our aircraft ground test equipment to suit our customer’s needs—whether that means designing new software applications required to thoroughly test equipment or making adjustments to the hardware aspects of the devices. Our skilled team is ready to deliver the best solution for you, reach out below.

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