Signal Intelligence

Signals Intelligence

The war in Ukraine has shown the increased importance of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) as part of modern conflicts. SIGINT covers both Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and basically addresses how you can leverage the electronic emissions that your adversary emits to your advantage. The faster you can analyze the enemies’ emissions to help you understand their intentions and actions, the faster you can provide actionable information to allow you to implement your countermeasures to protect your forces.

SIGINT systems need to have the ability to be continually upgraded to take advantage of enhanced processing to keep up with the enemy’s newest systems. New Wave supports DoD’s Modular Open Systems Architectures (MOSA) initiative by designing its products to conform to the SOSA™ Standard enabling a Systems Integrator to more rapidly upgrade SIGINT systems with the latest technology. Additionally, New Wave products are qualified to VITA 47 Durability Standard to ensure they can be used in the harshest environments.

New Wave’s products focus on providing the high-speed interfaces needed between the various elements of the SIGINT systems. Our products support:

  • High-speed point-to-point data pipes to transfer data between distinct units or chassis.
  • High-speed networking of multiple units that need to share data.
  • Optimized bridging of various rate Gigabit Ethernet to other switched or point-to-point fabrics, to enable seamless connections between processing elements (PE) located remotely across various network architectures.

Graphic showing topology of signal data hitting sensors, and New Wave cards in the chain of data processing

This diagram demonstrates how New Wave hardware fits into SIGINT data processing.

Programmable Logic Devices for Signal Intelligence

New Wave Design’s industry-leading data streaming solutions are designed specifically for real-time applications where it is imperative to sustain low latency and high-bandwidth communication. This is a key requirement in network-centric next-generation radar, signal intelligence (SIGINT), and other mission-critical sensor systems. New Wave’s COTS solutions provide 100 Gigabit Ethernet communication while reducing the size and power footprint of systems. Our advanced architectures and built-in Ethernet offload capabilities provide data transfer at sustained rates.


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