Ryan Jansen and Jake Braegelmann: Embedded Tech Trends

In this exclusive conversation at the Embedded Tech Trends 2024 conference, Jake Braegelmann and Ryan Jansen from New Wave Design delve into the critical advancements in high-performance FPGA-based computing and the strategic implications of edge vs. cloud computing within aerospace and defense electronics. Their insights illuminate the path for engineering professionals aiming to harness the latest in data processing and sensor fusion technologies.

Jake and Ryan highlight New Wave Design’s commitment to addressing the challenges of integrating commercial technologies into defense systems, emphasizing the importance of size, weight, power, and reliability. As they explore the nuances of edge computing and the potential of chiplet architecture, viewers gain a clear understanding of the trade-offs and decision-making processes essential for modern defense applications.

For those intrigued by the possibilities of enhancing their projects with advanced computing solutions, New Wave Design stands ready to lead the way. Dive deeper into our technologies and discover how our expertise can benefit your endeavors. Contact Us today and let’s collaborate to push the boundaries of what’s possible in defense electronics.

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